Keys to Success in Law School

Scott Perlov pic


Scott Perlov pic
Scott Perlov

An accomplished attorney with more than a decade of legal experience, Scott Perlov currently handles corporate and transactional legal matters as an associate attorney in the Boulder, Colorado, office of Bryan Cave, LLP. Scott Perlov received his juris doctor from American University Washington College of Law, graduating cum laude and with honors.

Getting accepting to law school is an exciting time for many prospective lawyers, but hard work lies ahead. Although finding success in law school is largely based on individual learning styles and hard work, there are several general things you can do to increase your likelihood of success.

Remember that law school is not the same as college. Unlike most college classes, where attendance is optional and you can simply study PowerPoint presentations, law school requires attending lectures, as well as intensive reading and hours of study. In addition, some law schools may have forced grading curves and may exclude participation when determining grades.

Taking a pre-law school course or studying on your own can greatly help you get used to the pace and information you will experience once classes begin. This will also help you get a grasp on basic topics, making it easier to take notes and understand what your professors are talking about. By preparing early, you will be better equipped to stay ahead of the curve throughout your years in law school. Staying ahead is a key part of being successful in law school, and it can also prevent you from becoming too stressed during your studies.


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