Pairing Chianti with Food

A concert pianist, aspiring screenwriter, and accomplished lawyer, Scott Perlov is talented in a wide range of areas. When not at the office or playing the piano, Scott Perlov is an amateur grape grower, a vintner, and a Chianti enthusiast.

Chianti goes well with a variety of dishes. Not only does it complement pasta with red sauce, it also goes well with beef, lamb, and chicken dishes, along with mushrooms, fish, parmesan cheese, and goose. Roasted leg of lamb, especially when flavored with a spicy rub, mixes perfectly with the acidic taste of Chianti, as do heavy veal dishes. However, Chianti’s flavor is best partnered with dishes using red sauce. Both lasagna and spaghetti Bolognese go well with Chianti, particularly when the meat sauce is made with the wine. Chianti also augments the rich tomato sauce and cheeses of lasagna.

Pizza margherita and cioppino are two more dishes that complement the flavor and aroma of Chianti. Although many may think wine would overpower pizza, the strong basil, tomato, and cheese flavors of the pizza margherita hold their own against those of the Chianti, which is a fairly light wine. Cioppino, a fish and tomato stew, brings together brininess and tomato flavor that challenge the wine’s acidity.


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