Scott Perlov on Homemade Wine Making

For many oenophiles, homemade wine making offers the perfect opportunity to express their personal taste and creativity, as well as to impress family, friends, and clients. While the process of wine making is fairly straightforward, there are a few important considerations.

First, winemakers should secure high-quality equipment. Jugs, hoses, containers, bags, and other vessels should be cleaned and sterilized before each use. It is important to follow directions carefully; usually, a simple recipe with few additives is the best choice for a beginner. For more advanced recipes, winemakers can experiment with additives that enhance the wine’s flavor. Ingredients such as gelatin and egg whites can improve the taste and color of the wine.

Above all, patience is essential to wine making. Most recipes require months, and some even years, for wines to reach their optimum tasting potential. First attempts often yield undesirable results, requiring perseverance and tinkering. With just a few careful considerations, even the novice winemaker can create a winning batch of wine.

About the Author: A Chianti enthusiast and Associate Attorney based in Boulder, Colorado, Scott Perlov counts wine making and grape growing among his hobbies.


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