The Advantages of Screenwriting Software

By Scott Perlov

When writing a screenplay, there are many elements you need to consider: plot, characters, scenes, escalating action, etc. There are also a number of stylistic industry rules that your script must follow to avoid instant rejection, such as title pages, pagination, and camera descriptions. Why not simplify the process by investing in screenwriting software that helps with the industry requirements and the creative aspects?

Screenwriting software frees the writer from having to worry about the tedious details of formatting, such as margins, indents, and capitalization. There are many screenwriting software programs available today, both free and downloadable for a fee, but what they largely have in common is that they simplify the technical elements and let the writer get down to the creative process.

Two of the most popular screenwriting software programs available are Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter. Final Draft has garnered fans among Hollywood’s award-winning writers for its powerful word processor and time-saving formatting features. Movie Magic Screenwriter has been endorsed by the Writer’s Guild of America for its ease of use and various outline and storyboard features. Both offer additional tools, like reading your screenplay aloud to you and a wide selection of templates.

Whatever your screenwriting needs, there is a software program out there to help you complete the script.

About the author: Scott Perlov is an attorney with Perlov & Associates, LLC. He is a television and film screenwriter.