Pairing Chianti with Food

A concert pianist, aspiring screenwriter, and accomplished lawyer, Scott Perlov is talented in a wide range of areas. When not at the office or playing the piano, Scott Perlov is an amateur grape grower, a vintner, and a Chianti enthusiast. Chianti goes well with a variety of dishes. Not only does it complement pasta with … Continue reading

Scott Perlov on Homemade Wine Making

For many oenophiles, homemade wine making offers the perfect opportunity to express their personal taste and creativity, as well as to impress family, friends, and clients. While the process of wine making is fairly straightforward, there are a few important considerations. First, winemakers should secure high-quality equipment. Jugs, hoses, containers, bags, and other vessels should … Continue reading

Types of Screenwriting By: Scott Perlov

The most considerable differences in the television screenwriting process occur between comedies and dramas. Screenwriting for comedic television shows, especially sitcoms, tends to be group oriented. The writers meet up and collaborate to come up with plots and jokes for a single episode. Because of the emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, screenwriters for comedy shows … Continue reading

The Aspen Music Festival, By Scott Perlov

Every summer, aspiring classical musicians from across the country flock to Colorado to attend the Aspen Music Festival and School, where they receive intensive individual lessons from some of the world’s brightest and foremost instructors. Since 1949, the Aspen Music Festival and School has provided a forum for the instruction and performance of orchestral concerts, … Continue reading

The Advantages of Screenwriting Software

By Scott Perlov When writing a screenplay, there are many elements you need to consider: plot, characters, scenes, escalating action, etc. There are also a number of stylistic industry rules that your script must follow to avoid instant rejection, such as title pages, pagination, and camera descriptions. Why not simplify the process by investing in … Continue reading

Chianti Wine and its Origins By Scott Perlov

Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 A red wine produced in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy, Chianti first received recognition as a wine type in the 13th century. A wine-area for Chianti was first formally defined in 1716, which was shifted and redefined in 1932. Technically speaking, a wine is only a Chianti if produced within the … Continue reading


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